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We have created a platform that will allow you to claim 11 free crypto-coins without any effort. Anyone can do it, simple and easy! All the claim amount instantly credited to your account.. Enjoy...!!

This website is built on Gr8 Faucet Script!


Learn How To Claim Your Coin Effortlessly!

There are some basics steps before you start claiming free coins here! First, you need to register account at and attach your coin address to this website. If you are not registered, register here!!


Choose Your Faucet Below & Your FaucetHub Coin Address

If you are registered to FaucetHub account, all you need your coin address attached to your FaucetHub account. Once you are ready with your address, its time to choose your faucet below and start claiming your free coins.

Complete Captcha & Visit Shortlink

Please follow these easy steps..
1) Enter your coin address and click "Login"
2) Fill the captcha and solve antibots and click "Verify"
3) Visit the shortlink and follow the procedure of shortlink website' and click "Get Link"
4) Viola...!! You are done!!

Note: We made some changes on our Website, We request you to clear your cookies for better browsing...! Claiming amount strictly dependable on the revenue from displaying adverts.

Get Instant Coins

Now, you can check your account, you must be received coins instantly & directly to your account. Just wait for few mins and you are ready to claim again!!

Choose your coin and start earning! It's free...

Aalya Faucet is among the best-in-class website that offering you to get upto 11 different crypto-currency at ease. We are using state-of-art technology that protect this website from bots and provide you effortless claim experience. Moreover, we do not charge anything from our users.. Infact, we are offering free coins to everyone!!

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